Tiger Property


The Tiger property is located in south-central BC, Canada, approximately 240 km northwest of Vancouver and 40 km southeast of Merritt, BC, within the Nicola Mining Division. The property consists of two mineral claims covering approximately 310 hectares.


The Property is primarily underlain by early Jurassic-aged Pennask Batholith intrusive rocks near the contact with Triassic-aged Nicola Group volcanic–sedimentary although Nicola Group rocks have been reported as occurring on the Property. The Pennask Batholith rocks are composed of grey, massive to foliated biotite-hornblende quartz diorite to granodiorite rocks. The Nicola Group volcanic rocks described as basaltic flows.


Mineralized quartz float and coincidental soil and stream anomalies were discovered on the property in 1991, samples of mineralized vein float up to 0.20 metres in size returning up to 8.23 g/t Au, 249.3 g/t Ag, 844 ppm Cu and 0.41% Pb. The quartz pieces are white to glassy grey, locally vuggy with some disseminated pyrite, limonite and occasional chalcopyrite or galena.  No follow-up work has located the bedrock source of the anomalous float from historical sampling programs. Fracturing occurs in outcrops of granodiorite near the quartz vein float on the property with orange-weathered alteration selvages accompanying many of the fracture zones.

Regional magnetics from the government sponsored Quest South initiative illustrates the strongly magnetic relief associated with the Pennask and Osprey Lake batholiths. A linear magnetic low occurs at the contact between intrusives and Nicola volcanics. At the Property-scale, magnetics show a magnetic embayment on the Tiger property, significant in that these types of features often target areas of metasomatic destruction of magnetite during metal deposition.

Work in 2016 identified cross-structural features that may represent prospective targets for buried mineralization (BC Assessment Report 36046).


Glencore’s past-producing open-pit Brenda Mine, located 25 km southeast of the Property, is situated in a similar geological setting to the Tiger property; near the contact between Nicola Group volcanics and Pennask Batholith intrusive rocks. The Brenda mine is a copper-molybdenum porphyry-type deposit occurring in the Brenda Stock, a composite quartz diorite/granodiorite body which forms part of the Pennask batholith.

The Elk deposit, located 15 km south of the Property, is typical of a mesothermal intrusive-related, structurally controlled quartz vein system. Gold mineralization is structurally controlled throughout the Elk deposit with multiple parallel east-west trending faults coincident with, or adjacent to, most of the major veins. The vein sets extend from the Osprey Lake Batholith into the Nicola volcanic rocks.

Other typical deposits in the area include Kodiak’s copper-gold porphyry bodies located in the Nicola Group volcanic rocks southwest of the Elk deposit and Westhaven’s Shovelnose low-sulphidation epithermal deposit in Spences Bridge rhyolites located 45 km southwest of the Property.